Education; Actuarial Analyst Tutoring and Training

At the heart of AMBER’s services is to provide tutoring and training for upcoming actuarial analysts towards certification. Actuarial analysts perform various roles in a company comprising of performing diverse types of analysis and usually work in areas that relate to evaluating risk probabilities around financial gains and losses. They usually use statistical models to analyse data and quantify the probability as well as costs associated with certain events, such as accidents, injury, property damage and many others. Being trained as an actuarial analyst is a huge step into the financial services sector. The Certified Actuarial Analyst is an internationally recognised technical and professional qualification that demonstrates that you possess proven technical and professional skills which grants the gateway to an exciting career in financial services.

Tutoring Schedules

Our tutoring schedules are tailored to suit our learners as our tutors are available around the clock to provide well scheduled and impromptu calls. Students on campuses are have a timetable that does not distort their normal university lecture hours as well as vacation lecture hours. The working class have weekends and evening timetables that suit them for effective tutoring sessions.

Our Approach

We aid our learners to gain insight and understanding of the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) syllabus as prescribed by CAA Global, supported by the International Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) UK and the Society of Actuaries (SOA).

Our learners are taken through the syllabus thoroughly without assuming any prior knowledge in the area of concentration.

Individual and group assignments, in-class tests and mock examinations are conducted frequently to aid in better understanding of the material.

Professional Skills Acquisition

AMBER gives exceptional talents the opportunity to acquire work experience through internships with us and also through our liaising with industries and outfits that have actuarial desks such as Pension Firms, Insurance Firms, Consulting firms and Accounting firms.