About Us

AMBER Global Consults is a team of elite professionals and mentors in the area of Actuarial Science, Mathematics and Statistical Analysis, Business Management, Education and Research. We are a partnership with years of experience in these fields that believe in the advancement of this area. Our distinctive perspective makes us tackle every project with traditional and non-traditional analytical tools that have a track record of success with the purpose of providing the most accurate and useful insights to develop strategic solutions and also produce specialists that fit well into the working environment. We are motivated by our core principles to offer paramount actuarial training and Consulting services by engaging experts that possess great acumen in their areas of expertise and demystify the fear of mathematics and its related fields in theory and in practice among individuals and corporate bodies, with integrity and unflinching support. With our experience, proficient and enthusiastic team, excellent customer service and a track record of maintaining high integrity and provision of professional services at all times, we will be able to remain well on top of competition from similar firms.

Our Approach

AMBER’s approach begins with gaining profound insight into every client’s unique vision of success. We work together with the client to identify as well as prioritize key strategies, develop an implementation plan and provide the best possible service that will meet the specific needs and expectations of the client.


Therefore, we put in every effort to maintain an open and efficient dialogue with the right persons from the commencement of every project or service being rendered. We see this as the foundation of every good working relationship between the client and the service provider. This enables us to also appreciate your business or individual requirements, bring on-board our relevant expertise and develop a suitable tailored solution to ensure accomplishment of your goals.


Our Company is structured in a way that allows our team members to have the time and energy to deliver effective technical solutions and projects because of our years of experience, sense of responsibility and a full back up responsive support team.

We invest in continuous professional development for our team members so as to ensure that they are always in the right position to advise clients on the latest techniques and / or strategies. This results in an exceptionally stable, dynamic and experienced team that are always apt to any task the client will present.


Our aptitude lies in building a culture of innovation across the initiative, planning and deployment of strategic decisions that transcends from top management to the execution level, solving business problems efficiently at all stages of growth and helping them transform to leverage their own capabilities with the changing market dynamics.

Our Team

AMBER is a team of weathered Actuaries, Chartered Insurers, mathematicians and actuarial analysts, committed to pragmatic and outstanding results. Our years of practice and credibility, being deeply rooted in the industry allows us to provide Consultancy services to both local and foreign clients.